Why Diversity Matters When Building a Data Science Team

San Jose is a Reflection of the Future of America

Big Data Transformation in San Jose

There are two core initiatives for MOTI during the current Mayor’s administration: 1) become more data-driven; 2) become an exemplar diverse employer. Christine Keung explains:

Data Science For All / Empowerment

Data Science For All (DS4A)/ Empowerment is a 13-week applied data fellowship program for students and professionals who identify as Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+.

Meet the Fellows who Joined The City of San Jose’s Diverse Data Science Team

Matthew Do and Casey Kongpanickul worked as a data science interns for the City of San Jose. They were responsible for doing data analysis and recommendations for the 311 system.

Matthew Do
Casey Kongpanickul

Eliminating Bias Through Data

Matthew describes their responsibilities at the City of San Jose:

Creating Equitable Access to City Services Through the 311 System

The team at MOTI understood that while pursuing a big data transformation, they also needed to make sure that benefits are applied to all citizens regardless of background, race, or socio-economic class. Casey explains:



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