Data Science for All: Combating Biases with AI featuring Alex Liss

Alex Liss, Head of Data Science and Analytics at Wunderman Thompson, joined the Data Science for All Community on Thursday, February 4th, to share how we can use AI to Combat Biases.

Data Science for All: Combating Biases with AI featuring Alex Liss

Wunderman Thompson is a creative marketing and technology transformation agency, helping brands grow at the speed of culture by uniting creativity, data, and technology. In his role, Alex leads initiatives surrounding Digital Platform Enablement, Customer Journey/Customer Experience Orchestration, and Diversity and Inclusion Efforts with Data Science for Wunderman Thompson’s Midwest region.

In addition to his role at Wunderman Thompson, Alex is one of the 185 Data Science for All Empowerment Mentors who have volunteered over 3,300 hours helping DS4A Fellows apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to real-world data science problems. As the first iteration of DS4A / Empowerment reaches its Grand Finale on March 12th, the DS4A Community sat down with Alex to learn how AI can combat bias and understand how data science and analytics skills can be applied to a career in the media/advertising industry.

Read on for a recap of our conversation, including how Wunderman Thompson is leveraging cutting-edge AI language generation models to create more equitable and inclusive media. Below, you can watch the full recording to learn more about Alex’s Career journey and his experience as a DS4A Mentor.

In the past few years, we’ve been reading a lot about how AI can amplify or reproduce bias. In your job, you’re actually using AI to detect and correct bias. Without going into any proprietary details, can you explain AI-driven bias detection?

As data scientists, why is it essential to understand bias, and how can we learn more about the problem?

As you mentioned, there is a lot of scholarship outlining the imperative to create more ethical AI that is more transparent, less biased, and more inclusive of all peoples. Can you help us connect the dots between academia and industry? How can Ethical or Unbiased AI be good for business?

How can individual contributors, especially individual data scientists, spot bias and contribute to a more ethical and equitable future of AI?

Watch below to learn more about Alex’s day-to-day role and responsibilities, Alex’s experience as a DS4A Mentor, and Alex’s answers to questions from the audience.

About Alex:

Alex’s vision is to use data science to make a positive impact on the human condition. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language and Literature and an MBA in Business Analytics from NYU Stern. In his spare time, he enjoys mentoring and giving back to the community so that he can share his skills in evaluation and communication with the broader community.

If you are a data scientist or data-driven leader, please consider applying to be a mentor for DS4A Empowerment #2, which kicks off on April 17, 2021. You can submit your application here.

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