Across industries, women hold less than 27% of Data Science and Analytics roles despite representing 47% of the U.S. workforce.

Among the women who land these jobs, many ultimately wind up dropping out of STEM careers altogether because they lack the support necessary to successfully navigate a field overwhelmingly dominated by men. But the challenges companies face in finding and retaining women in the Data & Analytics space begin even earlier in the talent pipeline. …

Across the data science industry, companies and HR departments are looking to recruit diverse data science professionals with the best of intentions, but all too often hit a brick wall when it comes to the talent pipeline itself. Professionals in data science fields are in high demand, particularly those from traditionally underrepresented communities, but at the same time, talent from those communities report being unable to find those opportunities.

This fundamental disconnect was a key theme in our recent DS4A/Empowerment session, which included three guest speakers whose storied careers have spanned a multitude of high-level finance, data science, and human…

A necessary step in our ongoing national reckoning on systemic racism involves looking beneath the surface, down to the very data underpinning everything we do, from shopping online to applying for jobs. With algorithms, data, and artificial intelligence touching nearly every aspect of our lives today, technologists have struggled to purge these systems of deep-seated biases, which rarely account for historic social injustices that disproportionately affect certain groups.

Addressing that AI bias, as well as other pressing issues around data ethics, were the focus of a recent guest lecture by Avriel Epps-Darling, a computational social scientist and PhD student in…

When it comes to building diverse and inclusive workplaces, HR professionals are on the front lines of ensuring everybody gets an equal opportunity, and uniquely positioned to impact the makeups of the companies they work for.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent national protest movement demanding an end to systemic racism sparked by his death, companies across the U.S. pledged new commitments to prioritize diversity within their organizations. …

Mandlenkosi Sibanda (Mandla) is a recent graduate of Data Science for All / Empowerment and recently became a Certified Anaplan Model Builder through our Anaplan for All training program. In this guest blog post he shares his experience coming into the program, and what he gained from it. We’re pleased to share his story.

Anaplan for All: Mandlenkosi Sibanda (Mandla)

In April 2020, I was about to graduate and had a data analytics job waiting for me. However, like many people during the pandemic, I lost that opportunity. …

Correlation One recently partnered with the City of San Jose, California, to help the Mayor’s Office on Technology and Innovation (MOTI) achieve their data and equity objectives.

In this series of interviews, we talk to Christine Keung, Chief Data Officer for the City of San Jose, and Shane Wilson, Director at Correlation One, about how they worked together to address the City’s data literacy and diversity goals. Fellows Matthew Do and Casey Kongpanickul share their experience working on data analysis projects to ensure the 311 system is providing equitable access to all of the city services.

San Jose is a Reflection of the Future of America

San Jose’s residents…

This Saturday, 1,006 new Fellows embarked on the next stage of their data science and analytics journey at the DS4A / Empowerment Cohort 2 kick-off.

We are proud of all of our Fellows and their accomplishments, and are excited to triple the size of the DS4A / Empowerment community- the world’s largest community of diverse data talent.

DS4A Fellows are Future Leaders in the Data Science and Analytics Space

At Correlation One, we build free programs that attract the world’s top data and analytics talent, and this program was no exception. …

We’re delighted to announce that SoftBank Group International will be joining our esteemed line-up of Employer Partners in DS4A / Empowerment. This initiative is an important part of SoftBank’s AI Academy, which supports programs that supplement theoretical training of traditional technical education courses with practical lessons, including AI and data skills that can be immediately applied to common business needs.

SoftBank Group Partners with Correlation One to Power their AI Academy

Through DS4A / Empowerment, Correlation One will provide training for SoftBank Group International’s portfolio company employees, including the Opportunity Fund and Latam fund, as well as external candidates from the U.S. and Latin America.

In an announcement about this partnership

Alex Liss, Head of Data Science and Analytics at Wunderman Thompson, joined the Data Science for All Community on Thursday, February 4th, to share how we can use AI to Combat Biases.

Data Science for All: Combating Biases with AI featuring Alex Liss

Wunderman Thompson is a creative marketing and technology transformation agency, helping brands grow at the speed of culture by uniting creativity, data, and technology. In his role, Alex leads initiatives surrounding Digital Platform Enablement, Customer Journey/Customer Experience Orchestration, and Diversity and Inclusion Efforts with Data Science for Wunderman Thompson’s Midwest region.

In addition to his role at Wunderman Thompson, Alex is one of the 185 Data Science for All Empowerment Mentors who have volunteered over 3,300 hours helping DS4A Fellows apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to real-world data science problems. …

2020 changed everything, including the big tech talent landscape. Not only did the coronavirus pandemic force the ultimate unplanned experiment on the viability of a mostly remote workforce, the killing of George Floyd brought a long-overdue national reckoning on racial inequality to the front of everyone’s mind.

As we move past what was a challenging year on many fronts, the wheels set in motion in 2020 will continue to have a major impact on how the working world looks and operates.

The war for data talent rages on, but companies are redoubling their efforts around making the recruiting process more…

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